Friday, March 10, 2023

A Weekend in Washington D.C.

Flying into Baltimore on a chilly Thursday morning, a little thrill swirled in my stomach. Traveling to see our daughter perform at the Kennedy Center, I and my husband looked forward to a great weekend of museums, food, drink, and ballet. 

Grabbing an Uber we settled in for an hour's drive through the stark, Maryland hills into Washington D.C. Winter gripped the area and naked trees clattered on either side of the road as the highway scrolled out before us. 

Pulling up to our hotel, we thanked the driver and quickly darted into the lobby to avoid raindrops. The lobby peaked a memory as I looked around, then realized I was a past patron of the establishment. Chatting with the staff was pleasantly reminiscent as we checked in and accepted an upgrade to a deluxe king room. 

Meeting with our daughter for dinner later that evening, I felt the warmth of family as we visited with our lovely, talented girl. It was an early night, since she was dancing Romeo and Juliet the next evening.

Friday morning found us hopping into an Uber and whirling off to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Starting in the Gems and Minerals collection, I maneuvered my way around the crowds to linger over the glittering jewelry displays. Rubies, emeralds, brilliant sapphires and diamonds shone in a historical smorgasbord. Jewels that adorned royalty, shone on society matrons and debutantes were graced by the piece de la resistance - the Hope Diamond. From there, we toured the ocean hall and dinosaur hall. Wrapping up with lunch, we headed back to our hotel to prepare for dinner and the ballet.

Cold air braced us as we walked into The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts later that evening. Murmuring crowds clustered in the lobby waiting for the doors to open. American Ballet Theatre, America's Ballet Company was poised to take the stage with our daughter performing the lead role of Juliet. Nothing prepares a parent for the feeling of seeing your child on stage in such a significant way. Fear, elation, excitement and even tears wound through me. The curtain opened in a woosh, and we were enthralled from the first note to the final curtain. The crowd leaped to its feet for curtain calls, and tears choked my eyes. No show is final, of course, without post-show drinks! Clyde's, a popular Georgetown Bar and Restaurant beckoned for a late-night snack and drink, and we unwound from the spectacular show with our daughter and friends of the ballet. Our night was complete!

Heading to the Museum of The Bible the next day, we anticipated a few hours touring the collections. Having visited the museum five years earlier, we were excited to take in the updates and changes. The lobby rose four stories and echoed with voices and footsteps. Bright white marble graced the walls and formed open stairs angling up and down through the building. New this time around was the "science

and the bible" floor. A most interesting collection of Galileo's writings, including an original notebook asking the question of the ages - how to reconcile known science with Biblical writings? Another new gallery was an impressive display of artifacts on loan from the Israeli Antiquities Department. Clay pots, ancient art and jewelry shone in the backlit cases. As I wandered through the hall, I came upon a section supporting an ancient group of people, the Samaritans. With fewer than 1000 individuals left in the world, I was gratified to see an organization highlight such a wonderful culture. 

No trip to D.C. is complete without an afternoon in Georgetown. Wandering through a flea market, I snagged an old version of Sherlock Holmes, and settled in for coffee. It was the best way to round out our weekend, and with a hug we saw our daughter off to her train to return home. Packing up to head to the airport, I held the memories close to my heart with a plan to return soon! 

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A Weekend in Washington D.C.

Flying into Baltimore on a chilly Thursday morning, a little thrill swirled in my stomach. Traveling to see our daughter perform at the Kenn...