Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Savannah With Friends


Hopping in the car on a muggy August morning, I looked forward to the four-hour drive to Savannah, Georgia. The tires rumbled on the highway as I and my husband made our way to the historic city. Excited to spend a few days with friends, we rolled into town at lunchtime, just in time for reservations at the historic Pirates House restaurant. Opened in 1753 as an inn for sailors traveling up and down the east coast, the house soon became a meeting place for wayfarers and pirates alike. 

Walking up to the building, I tilted my head to see the gray plank siding as it soared into the bright sky. Plenty of pirate memorabilia greeted us upon entry, and we wound our way to the table on wide plank floors. With a sumptuous menu and plenty of history, lunch was quite satisfying.

Nearby the restaurant, the Trustee's Garden beckoned. The site of our Airbnb, we walked to the courtyard surrounded with lush green bushes and trees. Two-story brick townhouses rose before us and crossing the patio we entered our what would be our home for the weekend. Warm polished wood floors and trim embraced creamy walls, definitely a lovely historic home.

Stepping into my tennis shoes that evening, we met friends to take in a walking tour complete with ghost stories, a historic cemetery and a few drinks! Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in the country and as the sun set, shadows closed in. Clustered in groups, fog swirled around and the humid air thickened as we walked over cobblestone streets under moss-laden trees. Each haunted pub had a story to share and a drink to enjoy.

In the morning, we strolled through the warm air and arrived at the first of many squares that makes up Savannah. Arranged around each square, brick and marble homes stood like sentries as a testament to the history embracing the town. The Davenport House Museum beckoned, and we stopped for a tour. A lovely two-story house, with accompanying carriage house made up the property and presented a historic look at the past and the plight of enslaved persons in the region.

No trip to Savannah is complete without experiencing Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos bar. Arriving on the riverfront just as the bar opened, we snagged seats near the front. Nestled down the left side of the open concept space stretched a full bar, stacks of bottles rising to the ceiling. Directly in front perched two pianos, emblazoned with stickers, seated proudly on the stage. The party got started as patrons dropped slips of paper and tips on the pianos. The crowd rollicked and sang along with the entertainers, pianos pounding with classic and modern popular music. Several hours later we grabbed cabs back to our house with smiles on our faces and the joy of music in our hearts.

Our final day dawned clear and warm, and we made our way to the waterfront. Cobblestone streets stretched before us, brightly colored shops and terraced restaurants stretched over the water. Wandering up the street, we darted in and out of shops, settling on the terrace of a cafe to enjoy lunch before heading home. Saturated with history, abundant with ghosts along with a robust night life, Savannah is not to be missed and thrives on tourists. For more information be sure to check out Visit Savannah | The Official Guide to Savannah, GA. For Dueling Pianos bar, check out Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos, and see more about the Davenport House Museum here Tours — Davenport House Museum.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Third Culture Kitchen

With fingers flying over the screen of my phone, I searched for a new culinary experience. Determined to reach past our usual haunts, I and my husband searched for the unusual. While the Space Coast of Florida is well known for rocket launches and launch parties, what is not commonly known is that Titusville has a burgeoning food scene with many restaurants offering locally sourced fare and imaginative cuisine. 

My search paused at Third Culture Kitchen. Celebrating the emerging unity of society, this unique kitchen offers fusion dishes and an eclectic menu appealing to many tastes. Combined with unusual cocktails, the experience was a flavor explosion. 

As we turned into the parking lot, we noted a steady crowd of locals. Stepping from the car, the mild Tuesday evening wrapped around us making the choice of outdoor seating a no brainer. Warm, dark wood and turquoise walls greeted us in an open, graciously appointed space. Once seated the server promptly approached to take our drink orders. Selecting from the specialty cocktails, I reached beyond the norm to order an "Apples to Apples." Yummy apple infused Haku Japanese Vodka mixed with pineapple, lemon and bitters swirled in my mouth. Food selections included Asian inspired tacos, handhelds and small plates with vegetarian and vegan options well represented. After choosing the flank steak with chimichurri sauce and summer salad, the unusual flavors warmed my stomach.

As stated on their website, "Third Culture Kitchen is the meeting place between the culture of our families, our homes, and the global community. There is no strain to find “authenticity” in our house, If it tastes good and feels right, it goes. Here, curiosity and combination are king." These words embraced our entire meal, and we left satisfied and hungry for more. See more at Third Culture Kitchen | Curry, Spring Rolls, Bao, Burritos, Poblano, Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten Free Food - Titusville, FL

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