Thursday, October 6, 2022

Third Culture Kitchen

With fingers flying over the screen of my phone, I searched for a new culinary experience. Determined to reach past our usual haunts, I and my husband searched for the unusual. While the Space Coast of Florida is well known for rocket launches and launch parties, what is not commonly known is that Titusville has a burgeoning food scene with many restaurants offering locally sourced fare and imaginative cuisine. 

My search paused at Third Culture Kitchen. Celebrating the emerging unity of society, this unique kitchen offers fusion dishes and an eclectic menu appealing to many tastes. Combined with unusual cocktails, the experience was a flavor explosion. 

As we turned into the parking lot, we noted a steady crowd of locals. Stepping from the car, the mild Tuesday evening wrapped around us making the choice of outdoor seating a no brainer. Warm, dark wood and turquoise walls greeted us in an open, graciously appointed space. Once seated the server promptly approached to take our drink orders. Selecting from the specialty cocktails, I reached beyond the norm to order an "Apples to Apples." Yummy apple infused Haku Japanese Vodka mixed with pineapple, lemon and bitters swirled in my mouth. Food selections included Asian inspired tacos, handhelds and small plates with vegetarian and vegan options well represented. After choosing the flank steak with chimichurri sauce and summer salad, the unusual flavors warmed my stomach.

As stated on their website, "Third Culture Kitchen is the meeting place between the culture of our families, our homes, and the global community. There is no strain to find “authenticity” in our house, If it tastes good and feels right, it goes. Here, curiosity and combination are king." These words embraced our entire meal, and we left satisfied and hungry for more. See more at Third Culture Kitchen | Curry, Spring Rolls, Bao, Burritos, Poblano, Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten Free Food - Titusville, FL

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