Friday, November 4, 2022

A Brooklyn Pub Crawl

The sun hovered delicately above ornate brick buildings, hanging for a moment until plunging the sky into darkness. I and my husband sauntered up the street, breathing the cold air that arrives in Brooklyn, New York in late OctoberOur goal was to haunt the many fabulous pubs and cafés dotting the Carroll Gardens district of Brooklyn, and as Halloween weekend approached witches, cats and ghosts brushed past us darting in and out of open doorways to enjoy drinks and appetizers. A Pub Crawl through Brooklyn is no small task, and as it turned out our adventure lasted several nights. 

Carroll Gardens is a beautiful neighborhood with 200 years of history. Parks bursting with lush, green trees and streets filled with towering brownstone apartments, families and single individuals alike call this area home. Evenings are alive with authentic pubs and cafés reimagined in historic buildings.

Swinging above the sidewalk, a brown sign announced Bar San Miguel. The wooden door was propped open, welcoming patrons as breezes blew through the bar. A smiling face greeted us and bade us to wait as servers cleared a table. Fare was varied and delicious authentic Mexican food. A skillet of queso passed by, carried to a neighboring table as spicy odors tickled my nose. Noshing on enchiladas with margaritas to chase them down wrapped up the perfect first night of our signature Pub Crawl. 

As the sun slipped behind the buildings on day two, drinks at Gowanus Yacht Club beckoned. The outdoor beer garden, not to be confused with, well, a yacht club was tucked into a corner by the Carroll Street Subway stop. Surrounded by a brick and iron fence, we entered the garden as rumbling sounds of trains filtered up through a grate in the pavementThe cash only establishment offered draft beers, ciders and canned offerings, along with grilled pub food. Old wooden chairs and stools propped up patrons seated at damp picnic tables and swiping my hand across a chair, I plopped down to sip on my White Claw. It was the perfect way to start the evening. 

Moving further up the street, the night air chilled my nose as an old, unassuming wooden doorway greeted us. Barely Disfigured was built on the site of a short-lived “house of ill repute,” and with the assurance that no prostitutes lingered we opened the door. A curved marble bar and dim lighting surrounded the room, part 1920s speakeasy married to modern Brooklyn. Unusual cocktails, elevated charcuterie platters and cheese trays graced the menu, along with a robust raw bar tempting the palate. Warm ambiance suited the bar like an old leather glove, and the crisp “George Washington’s Night Out” slid down my throat with a sharp tang.  A Charcuterie Board, like a work of art slid onto the bar before us, and my throat hummed in appreciation.

Our adventure continued a few blocks away. Wide glass entryways beckoned at Abilene – a sports pub complete with outdoor seating at wrought iron tables. Closing my eyes, I sipped a Cosmopolitan and snuggled into my wool jacket. The crisp night was perfect for enjoying the weather and snacking on wings with the accompanying accoutrements. With a sigh of appreciation, we strolled back down the street. Subsequent evenings brought additional adventures so to read more, check out my article at Brooklyn Pub Crawl - Follow Cheryl's visit to Brooklyn bars! (

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